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could you please explain.. i have read the original post over three times and i still don't understand what am i supposed to do to be to click on the " Cooperative Button " .. i mean it's clearly saying that this map could be played with two players .. but i cant even click the button
1533 days ago
Hey i can't click on cooperative button it's just acts like it's text
1535 days ago
yes you should,you can only have one zombie mod installed

oh thank you for helping ... I'm sorry i didn't really know that
1560 days ago
do you have other mods installed? uninstall all other mods first.

all i have is a modded version of kino der toten nothing else should i remove it?
1561 days ago
Man i really want badly to play your mod but i keep getting this error.. please help me

1563 days ago
there is a dvar to disable auth, look for lanauthorize in the console

i found it it's net_lanauthorize but it's already set 0 should i set it to 1?
1565 days ago
Hey, I found another issue with T4M and lan fixed  :please:

When I have two machines loaded with CodWaWLanfixed and I have the one that is 'online' host a lan lobby, the player on the  other machine can join, but it says 'Server Authentication Failed' when I load into any map. It seemed to work just fine before T4M, but a fix would be VERY helpful for this as I have had to use two games on the same CD key many times.

Double Post Merge: April 23, 2016, 04:54:28 am
What the dude meant was that co-op in lanfixed does not work. It gives you the 'Authentication Faliure'

i have the same issue
1566 days ago
I got an error when launching it " Limit Exceeded 3200 Images " please reply to me and don't just ignore me
1567 days ago
please help i can't play the maps that needs t4m on COOP i always get " Server Authentication Failure " after i click start game
1569 days ago
uhh could someone please help me every time i try to load a map on COOP while having T4M i get a " Server Authentication Failure " i have LanFixed.exe as well and its working good without T4M
1570 days ago


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