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hi there i have just 1 request for this map that would make it so much better all you need to do is add more lighting i had my computer and waw brightness maxed out and its still dark
817 days ago
I Apologize   :-X This is my first map so i will try my 100% Fix it on my next map and Thanks :)

Dude i played the map it was just fine but it would be nice for future patches to maybe update the textures and add a some more features like custom perks/ or more perks and more box guns, i felt when i hit the box that there were only about 10 guns in it cause 8 of the 10 times i hit it i got snipers and the other 2 was the deagle.
818 days ago
I think you should add more than just 8 perks why not add all the treyarc ones and custom perks too for the fun of it :)
818 days ago
Dude how so you start the game i load in and go onto the tele pad and it says to chose a gamemode i chose and the game doesnt start there is no ok button like in ugx requim and the only button is exit to main menu like wtf......
823 days ago


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