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Look cool :)
1860 days ago
I like all of them but nr 3. It sounds kinda weird :/
The others are great tho :D
1901 days ago
Its not really about the map, but what is this devmap thingie some people wrote about earlier in this thread? :o
And y does it annoy others? Just wondering cause Im kinda new here :)
1905 days ago
I dont exactly know if Im allowed to ask, but when is this going to be released?
It looks even better than I ever imagined the best possible Nuketown remake :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
1906 days ago
I used the ak12 when I got the g_spawn error
1916 days ago
First things first: I absolutely LOVE this map :nyan:

but there are some little issues I thought I should tell u:
-the PaPed starting pistol has no camo
-I had the exact same G_spawn error ( I was just shooting my zombie train @ round 26)
-I had the gersch device and went down, I got up with quick revive and suddenly I had 130 of them! :poker:
-One of the weapons in the box is HUGE

1918 days ago


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