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Messages - toxic72

This could be done properly actually, but he'd have to conform to certain standards like asm.js and for texturing he could use the File Api to allow for users who already have the files installed, assuming he understands the T4 iwi's. Using js that conforms to asm.js would have reasonable speeds.
8 years ago
I assure you that's what happened .

Tomorrow I'm going to completely uninstall BO1 , and then delete the BO1 folder in steam, and re download, re download the thor file, and the mod menu file.

Which should I copy into the BO1 folder first? the map, or the mod menu? or doesn't it matter? .

The reason I ask is, if I copy the mod menu over, then the map files, I get a different error when clicking the .bat file to launch, I didn't get a photo of it but it was a LONG error message.

Depending on other mods installed, you actually should delete the folder as well. Steams verify didn't work for some IWD's for me. Once I deleted my main folder and told it to verify again fixed the problem.
8 years ago
Building maps is fun: (No I will not explain how to do it wait for SE2Dev)
8 years ago
You'd need maps to be available yet, this only enables support. The tools need to be compiled first before being able to make a map and they aren't finished yet. I believe this release was just for Project Thor as it requires LinkerMod to run. Eventually you'll have map support. Hang in there :P
8 years ago
As i've fixed the crash with codcp and ghost ff's basically I can parse any data out of it.
8 years ago
Reinstall DirectX

Still shouldn't be requesting d3d11 when waw uses 9..?
8 years ago
Didn't think that was a bug. Is it like saying it a lot or something?
Yeah they just keep saying it instantly quote after quote there is no delay
8 years ago
With the thunder gun on low ammo the characters will continue to say the low ammo quotes.
8 years ago

Crashed it :(
8 years ago
Honestly I am so pumped for zombies this year, it has been such a long wait :D
8 years ago
"I second this idea :)" Did not see the edit  :D
10 years ago

Look closely at the right side of the controller (the tally marks) anyone think its important...
10 years ago
i recommend making an option that allows you to change the background color and the type that you can save it as ( some examples are dds and tga )

Thanks for the feedback, I will be implementing these features for the next release. :)
10 years ago
Generates an encrypted message based on the Buried messages.


Let me know if you find any bugs, UI is clearly a work in progress...

Here is a little code for anyone to decrypt:
10 years ago
My W.I.P reimagination of the Cod:WaW mod tools:

Will feature:

*A New GUI
*Async Map Compilation
*Converters for models and textures
*Easy to use script placer
*Perk and weapon injections

10 years ago
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