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What a piece of art my friend, liked the sky and the french part of the map, very good job :grin: :+1:
5 years ago
Any news on this :coolsmiley: ???
5 years ago
The game is like USD$ 4 dont be a cheap ass and buy it  :please:
7 years ago
Hey man cant PM people yet but i would like to help you out with this project, i used to map in the days of CoD 2, pm if you are interested  :)
7 years ago
Thanks a lot sir its fixed now
7 years ago
Hi good people, does anyone has idea how can i fix that uneven lighting on the objects of my map, i tried everything but im a noob at mapping, i guess it has something to do with spec maps and stuff but i really have no idea what to do now

Any help would be truly appreciated  :nyan: :nyan:

7 years ago
Such a good map sir  :alone:

Congrats on the release  :)
7 years ago
Hi guys let me introduce myself im a mapper guy from Mexico and im very interested in Black Ops 2 style custom maps in WaW, the thing is that i only know stuff in radiant and dont know shit about scripting :alone:, i already made my custom map but i want to add BO2 style fog and cant find a way to do it, already tried reading the wiki but as you can tell english isnt my mother tongue and it is realy hard to me, so my question will be...Is that kind of fog already included in the modtools or u have to scrip it and if u have to, can someone be so kind to teach me how ?

PS if the fx is already included can you tell me the name of the fx i tried evey fx  :derp: :'(

Thanks for ur help and have a nice day, the images from the maps below are only for reference no plagiarism intended

9 years ago
Awesome map i'm digging the red sky although i think the animated PaP camo doesnt fit in, looks "amateur" if you know what i mean  :gusta: , maybe some mob of the dead like camos will make it look more polished  :-[ :)
9 years ago
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