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Messages - Z0mbie1337

how did u get the mod to work?
There's instructions in the mod folder
8 years ago
Those are some hecking neato perk shaders
8 years ago
Nice work on these shaders, Set 3 looks good though maybe a little too sharp on the logos inside the frames :P -- maybe dulling it down would make it a bit better? -- just a thought no hate :)

The 1000x1000 PNG versions are very sharp but when they get shrunk down to 64x64, everything gets smoothed out. So I figured I may as well keep them the way they are
8 years ago

Hey guys.

 Welcome to EB Games

The zip includes 3 sets of Perk styles. All including:
  • PSD (1000X1000)
  • High Quality PNG (1000X1000)
  • DDS (64X64)
  • IWI (64X64)

Every set has all of the perks and power up icons leading up to Widow's Wine.

Questions that are probably going to be asked:

Will you make (insert perk or power up here)?
No. That is what the PSD is for.

How do I install these?
Glad you asked. Well you see...I don't know. All I know is how to make things pretty and convert them to an IWI file. That is about as far my knowledge goes. Sorry.

The High Quality PNGs look kinda...shitty.
Yeah I know. Trust me when I say everything looks better when its scaled down to 64X64.
8 years ago
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