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i have ported guns and i get this issue when it tries to render shadow maps or something? :'( :'(
1400 days ago
1: according to some vids i watched we should have the kuda file? for weapons but i cant find it, where do u find it? to copy for doing your own weapons? also i got models converted them to xmodel bin files and made the models in asset editor, it shows right in the camera view and in radiant, but in game i cant see the model.... i tried create file myself but clearly it not worked could someone help me please? at least need know where the kuda weapon file is to use for my own gun thanks
1400 days ago
sorry forgot say i solved it it was a weird issue blank fx
1405 days ago
I i been working on this for few day so far and still have a lot to do!
Power Room:
Power Room Section B:
Linking Tunnel:
There is more But They Are not as developed as these areas will show at later date!
1407 days ago
So i would like to know how do we edite weapon files like, Damage, Ammo and all that?
1409 days ago


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