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Messages - Lambo5888

Hahah thanks for that bro. I am probably a little bit suss

5 years ago
ok so i updated my zombies with what you put but they are still invisable. they go through the window but i cant see them.
5 years ago
dang i got my zombies to spawn and everything they even brake down the windows. but they are invisible. anybody know what to do.

Double Post Merge: May 06, 2019, 02:10:09 am
OK boi im dumb i clicked the wrong zombie i had zombie engineer insteed of the normal ber one.:idiot2:
5 years ago
Wow ok thanks haha it worked, thak you very much. So they spawn but they dont move. what do i do i have pathnodes and they are set up to walk into my area and throughout the whole map
5 years ago
i just added zombies and watched a video and put them in the right zones and when i launch the game they come charging at me with guns and they are shooting at me i die really fast because there are like 5 that are shooting me any thoughts on how to fix

Double Post Merge: May 05, 2019, 12:42:16 am
ok so i had the zombies set to scriptnoteworthy/find_flesh that when they had guns. so i changed it to scriptnoteworthy/zombie_spawners they spawn but dont move. any thoughts
5 years ago
Do you have them going to a window to brake down, and the traverse wall hope
8 years ago
click on the door and check if dynamic path is checked then they should
8 years ago
drag the console from the top all the way down its open but console taking up the whole screen
8 years ago
that map i had no idea what was going on so i started a new map so its cool
8 years ago
So i had put zone zombies in a zone and then changed there name and they spawn but they dont move. all my other zombies move its just zone 2 and 3 that dont move but they spawn. i also have pathnodes so they can follow the path but they dont move.

and i know this is off topic but that gate that is there i put a jump_over_high_wall is that what you put and then they will jump onto it and then on the ground. thx
8 years ago
ahhh yes it was initial_zone cause in radiant it was start_zone so i changed it thank you so much bro
8 years ago

no its still not working it just went to round 2 then 345678910 but it just skips i did what you said

8 years ago
ok so now there is another problem. so i put all the info in my mapname.gsc and then i did everything that you guys told me to do. my zombies arnt spawning in the start_zone and its just skipping throught the rounds. and i even watvhed a video on how to zone and what to put in radiant but my zombies arint spawning anymore if you can help thank you. here are the pics on to see what ive done wrong.
The zones-----------------------------------------------------

The Zombies--------------------------------------------------




the script_vectors for the doors leading to the next zone



so ya the zombies arnt spawning the the start zone so if you could help thank you so much.

8 years ago
hey thanks man glad you were here to help out

Double Post Merge: January 04, 2017, 06:15:39 pm
Code Snippet
so do it like this
add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone_spawners", "zone_1_spawners", "enter_zone_1_spawners" );
add_adjacent_zone( "zone_1_spawners", "zone_2_spawners", "enter_zone_2_spawners" );

Double Post Merge: January 04, 2017, 06:20:10 pm
ok this is whats in my mapname.gsc

Code Snippet
// Outside East Door
//add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone_spawners", "zone_1_spawners", "enter_zone_1_spawners" );
//add_adjacent_zone( "zone_1_spawners", "zone_2_spawners", "enter_zone_2_spawners" );
//add_adjacent_zone( "zone_2_spawners", "zone_2_spawners", "enter_zone_2_spawners" );
8 years ago
NO how do i do that thank you
8 years ago
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