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Okay, I'm going to be brief. This map makes me angry. It's not only annoying, it's unfinished. A lot of the background is plain as day, you can see where the map just ends in multiple areas, the layout is confusing and the way forwards isn't always clear, nothing is explained, the zombie soldiers with their guns that can kill you in only a few shots and have to be fought to get the power on can fuck right off and I fell through the map in the first zone (to the left of the railway building doors). I'd certainly like to try a lot of the features touted in the description, but frankly I don't have the patience and the two main ways I found to go ended in dead-ends anyway. So...yeah. Not a fan.

Agreed, it's such as shame to see all of the content in the trailer and clear talent overcast by and hidden behind a wall of non-enjoyable, non-challenging but fiddly tasks.
1216 days ago
I get the same error as others when playing co-op.
1220 days ago
Looks incredible, thank you for your amazing effort.
1220 days ago
Looks like fantastic work, can't wait to play :)
1274 days ago
Damn, I had this idea. At least I'll get to see if it works.
1693 days ago
Strength - You can buy this from the poster many times. Each time it increases your total damage by .5x

.5x damage would halve the damage but would I be correct in saying it is 1.5x damage?
1890 days ago
Wow, this looks awesome. Can't wait to play  :)
1895 days ago
I would like to see some of the guns in screenshots.
1945 days ago


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