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How do you add custom voice lines to your map

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Created 3 months ago
by NaviLlicious
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Hello, I've been searching high and low but I can't find an answer to this, there are tutorials that tell you how to add already existing voice lines from official zombie maps but what I'm trying to do is add custom voice lines for characters and easter egg steps. What I'm looking for is a tutorial that explains how to create new soundaliases that will trigger from the specific character when easter egg steps are completed, soundaliases that trigger as responses to other characters when they say something and possibly a list of already existing sound aliases that trigger when doing specific things (getting headshots, streaks, knife kills etc), I figure you could just use an already existing set of voice lines from an official map as a reference for that last point but it never seems like the soundalias files contain all the lines from the official maps and you end up with a lot missing and I can not find a tutorial that tells you how to make new voice line aliases that the game will trigger when doing specific things. On top of that using already existing voice line sets won't include references to easter egg steps to my knowledge so there's not much to go off of when looking to have a character say something when completing a step.
If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be appreciated!

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