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I need to make a riser that has the tags that makes it so that it comes out of water and has the find_flesh script on it. How do I make one?
264 days ago
Is there any way of doing this? Haven't really fiddled around with modding, just mapping, so would it be too hard for a noob like me?
268 days ago
So, i've been slaving away for around 2 hours trying to get this zone to work, but nothing seems to get it to a state that the game recognizes it. I've tried everything but once I start the game I don't get the message that the zone is linked with x amount of spawners. Is there someth...
271 days ago
Is it ok to do it or should I be doing something else? Without modifying my current volumes the map layout would be impossible. I'm not sure as to if it's ok to do it since in source sdk you usually didn't want to clip your trigger brushes.
273 days ago
Never mind, it's working now. Although if I try the map outside of safe mode waw if just crashes upon selecting the mod.  >:(
274 days ago
I finally got my map working, sort of. After struggling for about an hour on getting the mod actually applied on the game, I finally managed to execute the map. Well, sort of. You see, whenever I attemp to run the map, it just spits out an error about a missing server script, namely  "_zom...
277 days ago


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