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I can't even get the damn map to work even with the console cmd. It says in the developer output: "Mods have to be loaded to play custom zombies." Or some bs like that.
You should do ...
813 days ago
It's a software that creates a VLAN, and allows you to play with people(similar to a VPN) using LAN settings as if you were connected online. Mostly people with pirated copies of games or networking issues use it. But about 3 weeks ago, it was shut down permanently. I could be wrong, but I hear...
852 days ago
Absolutely liked the map, brings back WaW custom zombies feels, but in BO it's much smoother. It has the same layout for BO maps(like the whole map is a loop from the start room ending up back in start room again somehow). The EE is very well done, instead of simply keep on escaping blabla, but...
874 days ago
Just saying, but you should mention SE2Dev mod in order to use this, cause most people around here don't know about that.

Double Post Merge: May 02, 2018, 02:06:24 pm
[quote author=Rikgamernl link=topic=16391.msg157220#msg157220 date=1525...
875 days ago
Who said the community is dying. Isn't there a black ops 1 mods surge right now, starting from WIPs to releases. ::)
Or... Activity on UGX must always mean drama? ???
876 days ago
Sweet :D  This kind of atmosphere is rarely seen with custom maps.
906 days ago


The greatest failure is not to try and fail, but is to fail without trying.


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