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He fixed it, but stll haven't uploaded the patch for that.
 He fixed it for most of it. I upgraded and shot the electric shot at a large group of zombies and it crashed lol
128 days ago
The VR-11 but better gun crashes the game...but only the electric varient crashes the game. The infinite laser is fine. 
129 days ago
I was playing Der Riese with the Renaissance Mod V1.4 with the Walter Toggle Acton Pap'd and while I was shooting zombies, I got a G_Spawn: no free entities error. Maybe it was because I raised the fov to 95 via console when I started game? I'm not sure. 
238 days ago
Alright lads the FINAL (I swear it should be the last) update is out! Download and have fun we ain't nerfing anymore shit.8)
 Awesome additions to the mod, very welcome changes and challenges to the ...
267 days ago
When I attempt to launch this mod, it crashes the game in such a way that I have to go to task manager to log out and log back in. I dont know how to fix this issue. This happens on this mod in patricular. :(
400 days ago
You're not the only one lol :D :D :alone: :rainbow:
764 days ago


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