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Here is a simple map I made a little while back for BO3 and wanted to share it with everyone!

I hope everyone has plenty of fun with it and if any issues please let me know.

Thank you

588 days ago
love the old school vibe! cant wait to try it out!
1098 days ago
they move towards you but stop if the player is too close or too far away, you probably made them go through walls then went out of range from them so they got stuck

Double Post Merg...
1098 days ago
Remake of Winterfell Challenge

Shoutout to

Ice Grenade

And anyone else out there that I forgot to mention please let me know and I will shout out to you.

This is my 1st map for B03 zombies and 2nd overall.
I am a h...
1109 days ago
Pretty decent box map. I have a video review on my Youtube Channel. No major issues, some annoyance with PaP but other than that, I had fun. My youtube channel is Jewbacca71.
1141 days ago
I can help if you want?

I plan on buying the game this week, but thank you.
1141 days ago


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