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Also, there is a few spots in the map that you can jump into (the zombies can still get you). But where the concrete is leaning against a wall next to the Kar-98, you can prone in front of it and crawl behind and you'll be invincible. You can't shoot anything though and you get fucked as s...
1096 days ago
It's good to see another map for WaW, considering a lot of people probably don't or can't play BO3.
1096 days ago
i really want to play this map but every time i download it and extract it it dose not show up in my mods list. do you have any tips i can use to get this to work. thanks.

I used to have this p...
1307 days ago
I can't play this map anymore, the blurring is hurting my eyes, not sure if it's meant to be there or not.
1324 days ago
*cough* wait for The Giant *cough*
1659 days ago
Needs more purple than just purple vision... just put text everywhere that says 'Purple' and colour it purple.  :nyan:
1696 days ago


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