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To replace them compile a mod.ff with the tank, tank tread / fire fx, sounds. You would also need to include the stock maps/mapname.gsc with edits to replace the tanks.
You could also prob swap the models in g...
349 days ago
Hello, this person here has created a mod in which he changed the tanks used in singleplayer missions. I want to know how to do this.

Lets say i want to replace the shermans with jap tanks, how can i do this?

Double Post Merge: August 30, 2018, 06:04:08 pm[...
353 days ago
Okay thx for responding, I want to add more models from the cut game content. Like panzergrenadier model mixed in with the germans, everytime I try to do it I get a weird girl soldier with blue pants and a helmet. I need to know how to make a proper ff file
380 days ago
I am gonna get to the point here so everyone can understand. There are little to no guides on how to make an .ff file correctly, except this place In which I understand most of you are modders for cod waw.

I simply want to make a mod in which I can put in cut content from cod waw like so...
380 days ago


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