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Compile your mapname patch. This worked for me and another person who had this issue
I compiled it before when I first compiled the map, but I can recompile it to see if that does anything.

Edit: Yep, ...
376 days ago
So, in my map whenever I have the wunderwaffle and I get shocked by it, it just overlays the default texture on my screen, making it impossible to see. I'm assuming this is scripting related, so that is why I put it here. Does anyone know why it does this?
377 days ago
This is an example of what you can do:

and you can place it here in YourMapName.gsc
1. Yes maybe you can get the cost of the trigger in radiant but I think it's best to do it in script.
2. It's be...
378 days ago
I've been searching everywhere, from youtube, to the UGX forums to the zombiemodding forums, and I can't find anyway to make a custom barricade, does anyone know where to find the tutorial on how to do that?
380 days ago
Yes, first you have to setup buttons with "Trigger_use" on the map and in script you do this:
Now these buttons are randomized!
Next you want to add a function to the button and it goes like this for examp...
380 days ago


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