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Thanks man, will try this, I've tweaked those divetonuke machines already but i guess my struct was setup wrong
1322 days ago
oops sorry bout that i fixed it and i dont know how to delete my post sooooo. Anyways I don't know how to get the script to go with my phd model, I have the script_struct and the model its using with the target name as zm_perk_machine and everything else fine. But when I go in game the model re...
1333 days ago
I keep getting this error once I have everything set up, I tried tinkering with it but i couldn't find why it wasn't initialized but its probably pretty obvious and I am bad at it

^1ERR(6E) scripts/zm/pro_custom/_zm_perk_divetonuke.gsc (49,1)  : Compiler Internal Error :&nb...
1334 days ago
Bind your weapon, you probably did that as normal, open up the infinite warfare conversion rig to t7, drag and drop your gun into it, then under your weapons joints it should say j_gun with probably a huge name before it. if so thats fine, then go into             ...
1369 days ago
ok im not new to porting weapons but ive been getting this more and more, example being my blundergat i reripped it a million times kept binding it and seeing what i do different and it'd have no effect to the issue which is the joints bound with the mesh arent moving at all nor the mesh moving...
1370 days ago


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