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ZM_Box_plus v1.0

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Created 1 year ago
by sylvanmartin
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Hello sylvanmartin here again as before I am trying my hand
on making my zombies map called box_plus yes a boxed map
but this time with lot's room 1st floor and 2nd floor for
the roof and basement 2 big area to play in the roof well
have a switch to find to buy to open the trap door for the
basement that well have a swimming pool might have water and
the basement is where to you find the pack_a_punce and the
final switch to open the buyable ending that well show up
somewhere on the map.
This well be my first map on Black ops 3 the new editor
hope it well me making maps better and finish them this time
and I well get done all the way to the end also play test
Photos and update's where be here and also a beta test play
only for a weekend date's not set yet.
My plan's on the map is to have all the gun's from COD:WaW
and all call of duty game's big wish and maybe add skulls for
zombies soul's if you all know what I mean. I have a big idea
not sure if you can add in modal's from other game's or from or maybe it is only for the Unreal engine maybe only
texure's so the map well have custom texure's.
I have play tested the map so it dose work first time am so
happy with the photos of the map remmber not fully done yet
so go easy.
New update day 1
on the first floor I made it a small bit bigger so it look's
better the four room for main perk's are still the same but
with window's so you can work out what door/room is needed first
and the window's where the zombie's are coming in from outside
there well be graveyard on one side of the map and the other
side well be farm area I have to fix the dog spawning other than
that the first floor is done. more update's on day 2 coming soon.
also more photo's are coming too.
New update day 2
I am done with thw door's to buy on the first floor and on the second
floor I have all the wall weapon's needed for the map also might move
the power switch and just to make the look nice with modals and custom
texture's and after that the map might be done and ready for upload
but I do a lot of testing. If more info for this update I well put here
I am working on the lights at the moment and after that the door's and other's
the modals are getting there too so it well be soon for release date and
testing the map for bug's and any fix's. The next update well be the last
I am hoping.
fanal update day 3
This is my fanal update on my zombies map called box plus i was going to
leave out the mistory box but I am going to add it in also got all the
door's and window's done just to make the map look nice and play test the
flow of the map see if there is no bug's and other's well still add custom
texture's also a buyable ending and that is it for the upate chat again
on when the release date is with more photo's and a small video clip of
the map.I tested the map and it has a good flow and now just to start on
deco and texture's and I am done the map has a system flow so hope you all
enjoy it.
might be done in the end of the week 09/2022   ????
here is the link to a look at my map short
my map previaw enjoy
I am ready for upload and let you all play on my first map please enjoy
it is on steam right now. Now on to my next epic zombies map.
Boxplus map sub on steam
if not working search my user name on steam
any comments are all welcome.Thank you for reading.​​​​​​

Last Edit: September 25, 2022, 05:24:33 pm by sylvanmartin

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