Im new and have some questions

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by Fallenmiracle2
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Hi everyone, i am new here, and have been playing alot of world at war zombies, especially realism 2.2, since it's the only version i can get to run on my crappy laptop properly, and i am aware it's being worked on anymore, but i was wondering if there was a way i could add guns from the base game (mainly nambu, dp-28, type 99,  mosin-nagant,  tokarev tt-33, m9a1 bazooka) along with some  their attatchments, and pack a punched variants of them, and the walther, springfield, arisaka,  etc.  Same goes for default waw zombies too i guess. I'm not at all skilled in coding or scripting so if anyone could give me some help that'd be great. Thanks, hope ya'll are having a good day and staying safe. :)



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