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in zombiemode.gsc take out the
self FreezeControls( true );
or make it false

   level notify ("fake_death");
   self notify (&quo...
49 days ago
Yea I tried that 2nd tutorial and it didn't work, idk what I did wrong. But ill try the first link
68 days ago
I wanted to add ambient sound effects in my map, like for example, let's say you go outside a building, I would want the sound effect of wind blowing to be playing in a loop. But I would want it to so you can't hear it anymore when you go back inside a building. I've looked at tutoria...
68 days ago
Any scripters here who know how to make this possible?
69 days ago

Your advice worked thank you  :D! After not using radiant for about a year I became a newbie at it again, so I'm slowly relearning it all. Oh and I k...
71 days ago
So I recently got back into map making and I forgotten a lot about using radiant so I'm trying to relearn it at the moment... so I have this problem where I made this texture blend in asset manager to make it transparent and mix in with the texture behind it. But for some reason it is going com...
72 days ago


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