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in zombiemode.gsc take out the
self FreezeControls( true );
or make it false

level notify ("fake_death");
self notify ("fake_death");

//self TakeAllWeapons();
self AllowStand( false );
self AllowCrouch( false );
self AllowProne( true );

self.ignoreme = true;
self EnableInvulnerability();

wait( 1 );
self FreezeControls( true );

might be one in _laststand.gsc
where it gives you the revive trigger I made changes to mine so I'm not too sure about that
taking the freeze control out of everywhere that refers to you being down will make it so you can move
when you are down

So I tried making that part false and it didn't work, then I tried deleting that line with self freezecontrol and I still couldn't move. So there really must be more to it...  :-\
787 days ago
Yea I tried that 2nd tutorial and it didn't work, idk what I did wrong. But ill try the first link
806 days ago
I wanted to add ambient sound effects in my map, like for example, let's say you go outside a building, I would want the sound effect of wind blowing to be playing in a loop. But I would want it to so you can't hear it anymore when you go back inside a building. I've looked at tutorials on how to do this, but it hasn't been working for me... not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
806 days ago
Any scripters here who know how to make this possible?
807 days ago

Your advice worked thank you  :D! After not using radiant for about a year I became a newbie at it again, so I'm slowly relearning it all. Oh and I kinda gotta crop out the extra stuff on that texture's edges so I'll get to that. Thanks again!
809 days ago
So I recently got back into map making and I forgotten a lot about using radiant so I'm trying to relearn it at the moment... so I have this problem where I made this texture blend in asset manager to make it transparent and mix in with the texture behind it. But for some reason it is going completely through and showing the outside of the map instead of blending in with the texture behind it. Why is this happening? How do I correct it?
Picture for reference...
810 days ago
I fixed the problem thanks to reinstalling the mod tools thanks for your help guys  :)
812 days ago
You know where I can find the mod tools? The download link I got them from a long time ago in ugx's mods confluence don't work  :-\
814 days ago
I don't seem to have it... I'll try adding it in

Double Post Merge: July 05, 2018, 12:25:59 am
Now I get this Just the bottom text from the old error went away... Here's command console for details if needed Any idea on what it could be?  :(
814 days ago
So I had to reinstall windows 7 due to some issues I was having with it, I decided to back up my cod waw and reinstall windows then, my custom map I was working on and I can load it just fine on radiant and see everything is just as I left it. But if I try to load my map on cod waw it gives me this error . Does anyone know how to fix this? Here's what console says if it helps more with finding out the problem...
815 days ago
If you wanna access the map, go to the console and type devmap nazi_zombie_*whatever your map name is* then press enter. Now if you wanna make a menu press for solo launch there are lots of tutorials on the site for that.

Well I just tried loading the map from console and I get a server script compile error saying it couldn't find the script "mptype/nazi_zombie_heroes"  :-\
998 days ago
So I factory reset my pc cause I was having problems with it so I decided to just do a reset to get rid of the problem I was having (which it did). I backed up all the necessary files I was told to back up on this forum for my map, which I can still successfully edit in radiant. My map appears normal in radiant, so I decided to compile it and build the mod, but then when I load my map on cod waw it's just the normal main menu, and asks me if I want to start new game when I press solo, instead of just instantly taking me to my map... Can someone please help me?
999 days ago
1 make sure yours is not pirated version becuase thats how you start playing with the files! Its obvious.
2 go to steam/amazon and see if you have main folder in your library and look for call of duty world at war root now locate 'main' folder
And see if steam/amazon provided the iw_00 -> iw_27 is in there. If you dont understand then shit! You dont mod cod at all!!!!!.

I didn't pirate the game, I own it legit on steam.

Double Post Merge: December 07, 2017, 05:09:25 am
Turns out the problem was i was using the wrong launcher.exe and I was supposed to be using the one in the game dir... *facepalm* Well all is good now thank you guys
1024 days ago
Does this always happen everytime you open Radiant?
If you are going to reinstall you just have to make a backup of your map files in map_source ( and your mod files in "mods" and you should be fine to start over.

Yes it barely started happening today all of a sudden and it closes radiant immediately after exiting the error message. Can you please be more clear about what you mean by "you should be fine to start over"? I really don't want to start my map all over again... lol... sorry I'm just really worried right now
1025 days ago
When I open Radiant from the launcher, I am greeted by an error message saying
"FATAL ERROR: Couldn't load fileSysCheck.cfg. Make sure Call of Duty is run from the correct folder. GetLastError()=0 An unrecoverable error has occured. Would you like to edit preferences before exiting Q3Radiant?"
I've been working on my map for 3 months now and it would be a complete waste if I lost all this progress now... can someone please help? I've looked around for solutions, but everyone just mentions to just reinstall the mod tools or the game itself? But this worries me if I will end up losing my map or not...
1025 days ago


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