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is there a way to get an airstrike or something in my map that kills zombies? if so, can anyone help me with that?
166 days ago
How did you made it?
There is an option in APE that you can select and it will make it revive the player
361 days ago
Maybe try my way? the function it comes from does all the calculations so it might increase the health per round. Also, taking it out of the while loop might make it work if it doesn't work with the loop
365 days ago
Yea, I was afraid that the zombies might have a fixed health this way. Hopefully the riser thing works
365 days ago
This might work (I haven't tested it but it might work. There might be many flaws in it though)
   zombies = GetAISpeciesArray("axis", "all");
   foreach(zombie in zombies)
/*Idk if you need the zombie there -->*/   zombie zombie_...
366 days ago


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