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[25/40] Recontamination – And I had Just gotten Clean.

« on: May 02, 2016, 06:38:19 am »

Welcome to Recontamination, a map so littered with so much trash it makes the side of the Motorway look spotless in comparison. This map was released by “Smashing!” Smasher248 on the 28th of April, 2016 and although having a rough start, has come out a relatively polished and well received map overall. This map is actually a Re-Master of the Original Map, which was titled Decontamination, and was one of Smasher’s earlier Projects. Now, without further ado, let’s get into the pros and cons for this map.


Feels like the Original Map: With any remaster/remake of anything, it’s nice for it to feel like the Original Project that has been remastered, this map is no exception to this rule, and that is a nice feeling, especially as it brought back the nostalgia of me playing this all those years ago. Even the End Game Easter Egg is the same, which is nice.

Uses the Kino Lab Mod: When I say “mod” I mean that it uses the same features from Kino: The Rebirth. This, all things considered, is better than what the original map had within it, so it counts as a Pro for me.

The Armoury got a Make-Over: In the Original Version, the Armoury was just tables littered with Upgraded weapons and Wonder Weapons alike, and it honestly didn’t feel like an Armoury, per say, but this has been changed in the re-make. The weapons have been put onto display draws, and are now buyable, so you can always come back for ammo whenever you get low. I won’t spoil what’s in the Armoury, because then that would ruin the fun of grinding out to unlock it.

Six Perk Limit: This is nice, as it allows you a little freedom, all whilst still restricting you from going on a spending spree.

Now, no map is perfect, so let’s get into the Cons of this map.


Kino Loadout Used: Sure this is nice, since the weapons in this are in a better shape than what they were like beforehand, but this doesn’t feel right. The Kino HUD and box feel out of place, to be perfectly honest, and it just takes away from the experience. Maybe if there was a story linking Kino and Recontamination, then it would make almost perfect sense to do so, for the same reason that Treyarch uses The Giant HUD wherever the crew goes, even if they are in a Swamp (I could rant about a few things in BO3, but that’s for another topic, another day).

Gameplay felt the same as the Original one: Yes, I know before I said that it’s good when a remaster/remake feels like the predecessor, but to an extent. If it is an exact copy/paste, then it just doesn’t do the map justice. That, sadly, is the case with this map. Sure, the Nostalgia is there, but after the initial Nostalgia wears off, the map starts to drag, and then you start clutching at straws for things to do, besides doing the Easter Egg.

Final Verdict

Level Detail: 7/10. Map looks alright, besides from all the Carboard boxes, patches of grass, and other assorted Items that are lying around.
Custom Content: 10/10 Literally everything is Custom, including the Knife Model & the Animation
Fun Scale: 5/10. It’s not boring, but it’s also nothing too special.
Replayability: 3/10. As I’ve stated, this map is good for a bit of nostalgia, but that quickly wears off.
Overall Score: 25/40

Download Link:,10920.0.html
Please give me beta access, I would LOVE to test CO-OP

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Re: [25/40] Recontamination – And I had Just gotten Clean.

« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2016, 07:13:06 am »
Excellent review Jiffy, cant complain about any point there :)

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