Problem with newest T4m (r45)

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by Alahalla
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Hi there,

I used to be able to use t4m without trouble, I downloaded the r42.1 Version of it, installed it in the root Folder of [email protected] and that's it. Now, I had to reinstall my game becuase it was crashing all the time, and because I live in a german-speaking country, I also had to get the uncut patch installed again.

After it was done, I tried to install the d3d9.dll file again. Now, t4m doesn't show up anywhere. Not in the console, not in-game (when I try to look at the scoreboard, still shows the mission objectives) and the t4m required maps won't load. Even when I delete the normal d3d9.dll file, [email protected] doesn't change in any way.

I tried to use the old version, the r42.1, same problem. The LAN-fix didn't help me at all, because all it does is making my game lag. It's not a cracked version, I bought the original game on steam. I also checked all my files on my computer via Windows search, there's no other [email protected] related d3d9.dll files, so it has to be that one. what might be important too, is that the game is not installed in the C://porgrammes(x86) folder, I put all my games from steam on another drive, I'm unsure about Steam itself because it seems to be separated.

I'm thankful for any help, I'm a bit lost here :/



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