[21/40] Tesla - A very basic map but still fun!

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Created 2463 days ago
by Dust
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The mapper goes by the name of daedra descent.

Setting: The map takes place in an arena or some type of upside down pyramid.

Positives: This is a very basic map with not much detail so if you have a computer that was made in the 1980s chances are you may be able to run this map at a reasonable frame rate. You start off with a different loadout each time you play, you always have 2 guns, i got stuck with the tokarev and the svt, so just basic guns but hey its better than a m1911. You also start off with molotovs, or at least i did anyway. It has a bunch of guns on the wall, just basic world at war guns except there is a dp28 from multiplayer on the wall. You dont start noticing all the custom guns till you hit the box, which has a bunch of multiplayer weapons, didnt see any bo guns so i think its just world at war zombies and multiplayer guns. The reload on the ppsh is different, its not the standard reload animation.

Negatives: If your one of those people who like spending hours looking for easter eggs and hidden stuff, then this map is not for you. The only real hidden thing is the ray gun. There is no buyable ending so there really isnt a reason to go to an insane high round or save up your points unless your bored. Past round 20 its just the same thing over and over again and you will go insane before you end up dying. There is no black ops perks or black ops guns on the map either.

Conclusion:This map is fun at first, ill admit, but after playing to round 20 it just gets boring and its better just to end it there. There really isnt any replay value in it. It is pretty hectic playing solo since they jump over the walls and come from everywhere. The mapper even states that this is not a fun map, and it is not professionally made, it doesnt feel like any of the ugx maps. And it shouldnt be compared to anyone elses custom maps.

Level of Detail: 6/10
Custom Content: 7/10
Fun Scale: 6/10
Replayability: 2/10
Score: 21/40

Download: [You are not allowed to view external links. Register or Login to see them]
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