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No, just that no one asked them if they wanted their stuff tampered with(whole maps, anyway). Treyarch is the only reason this community is possible, after all. They are the ones who released the mod tools, so it would be best to respect them the same way the community wants others to respect their work, yeah?

As I said before, they released the mod tools for a reason, they gave us the scripts with them for a reason, they gave us prefabs with them for a reason, they gave a fuck ton of raw files for a reason, not for the fun of it, not to say "hey we've given it to you, but you can't use it", like giving a child an ice cream only to tell them they need permission from HB to eat it, does not make sense.

As for modding BO1 Zombies: I highly doubt Treyarch give a fuck about a few modders having a little fun, the mods are still compiled into fast files and even for stock zombies maps the raw files are included anyway.



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