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How to Play Custom Zombies

Call of Duty

Call of Duty: World at War

  • Install the game. If you use the CD version, ensure to patch the game to the latest version!
  • (Optional) For those who have profile creation issues:
    • As the time of writing there seems to be an online profile creation issues for some months now
    • We recommend to use the Plutonium Project* for now. (please find the download link and instructions yourself)
    • If one of your friends is affected by this issue, all players need to use Plutonium*!
  • Download & install some maps:
  • Launch the game:
    • If the map is from UGX-Mods Map Manager, you can start it from there right away
    • Some map installers also create a desktop shortcut
    • Otherwise start the game and click on Mods and select the mod (map) you want to start
* UGX-Mods is not affiliated with the Plutonium Project. The provided information is given without any warranty or guarantee.


Install / Uninstall

Where are mods / maps stored and how can I install / remove one manually

Location : C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Activision\CodWaW\mods

Create the directory if it does not exist and put your downloaded mods folder in there. (be sure to extract the files first, do not put *.zip *.7z *.rar files in there

To remove a mod, simply delete the folder.

For Plutonium users:

The mods folder is not the default one! New location : C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\plutonium\storage\t4\mods

(You might want to symlink or copy your previous installed mods to the new location)

I received a ZIP, RAR or 7Z file - what do I do with it?

Ensure the file is retrieved from a trustworthy source and extract it into your mods directory: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Activision\CodWaW\mods

I received an exe file - what do I do with it?

Ensure the file is retrieved from a trustworthy source and simply execute it.

The map should be then installed and eventually a desktop shortcut was created


How do I open the console?

Simply press ~ or ^ depending on your keyboard.

Eventually you need to enable the console in the game settings first!

Launch map

How do I launch a game solo?

Some maps offer a solo button on the main menu.

Otherwise simply open the console and type in map %mapname% (for example: map nazi_zombie_bunker)


What is T4M and why do I need it?

Some maps exceed the engine limits and therefore require T4M which increases those.

Also T4M has some game fixes and other minor features.

More Information on the official forum post on our UGX-Mods Forum: World at War Modification: T4M

Where can I download T4M?

Download link and more information on our UGX-Mods Forum: World at War Modification: T4M

Note: You do not need to install T4M manually if you use Plutonium already!


I received the 400fx limit error

Check the authors forum post or readme for instructions.

This gets usually fixed by installing T4M.

My game keeps crashing

Check the authors forum post or readme for help.

Otherwise try to get help on our Discord server or on our forum.

I have a pirated version and have an issue

We can not support illegal obtained copies of the game.

In theory everything should just work fine with you

UGX-Mods Map Manager

I have issues with the UGX-Mods Map Manager

Please look at the dedicated UGX-Mods Map Manager page and it's FAQ.

Click here for instructions and download of the UGX-Mods Map Manager