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I have just beaten the map. It is incredible. It has a good story, good mechanics, good easter egg, Is and exelent map. I managed to find the easter egg (with help of fearreaper stream lol) and i got amazed. I wonder if something like this is coming to black ops 3 customs because i would love to pla...
185 days ago
You sure Windows Defender isn't deleting the files? Has happened to me few times. And what happens with Installer that makes it not work?
i managed to fix it. seems like windows defender was t...
188 days ago
When i download the zip, its empty. i downloaded it several time and auto install doesnt work for me.
189 days ago
Papee te deseo la mejor de la suerte me hypeaste mucho, me parece muy buena tu idea y si necesitas apoyo moral sabes donde encontrarme   ;)

*English for the other dudes*
Man i wish to you the best luck posible, you hyped me a lot and i like the idea. If you want moral support yo...
1230 days ago
This is my opinion of the map, isnt complete because i play alone and i dont do all the things so, sorry :)
Weapons: 5 I dont do a big points of this because its almost all weapons from UGX mod
IA: 10 the IA in this map is perfect, never bugged!
Animations: 10 The ia in this map do v...
1434 days ago
You do it again, I love your maps are xtremly funny i can play them a lot of times and i cant get bored you are a very good mapper.
1442 days ago


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