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Ah I see. Well, here's to hoping that whatever you work on next will be excellent as well. Besides, I enjoy these custom zombie maps for how creative they can become. Weapons, bosses, and objectives galore!
126 days ago
This is a pretty good map for a 1st attempt. While it's not too populated with anything crazy, it does make me appreciate each weapon where it is. Seriously, that Type 100 saved me. At least until I actidentally cornered myself. A solid first map that reminds me of the terror of the OG map...
126 days ago
a lot of people dont realise this, but waw has a weapon limit of 128, you may think thats a lot but every version of a wepon uses one (eg paped and non paped) as well as any equiptment, grendades perk bottle drink...
156 days ago
Is there a possibility of having more weapons in the future? Not just variants but standard weapons too? This gunsmith just seems so well implemented that not having a butt-ton of weapons feels like its missing out. Other than that, cools map, love the gumball system, and especially the variants, si...
157 days ago
I am a simple man. I see custom zombie, I become interested. I see many guns, I have already downloaded.
251 days ago
I love it when map makers do this: toss in dozen upon dozens of weapons into a map and just let the players go crazy with them. If you do keep adding to this mod, i'll keep a sharp eye out for every update! Overall, nicely done and keep it up!
367 days ago


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