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For making a shader in APE, what should I set the material category and type to? I've tried several of the 2d options and they all look distorted or don't work.
1024 days ago
Thanks for fixing it.
1031 days ago
Hey guys, I'm a bit new to working with HUD elements and I was wondering how to make HUD text elements have background colors like this picture.

Is it an attribute of HUD elements like .color and .alpha or do I have to make anothe...
1032 days ago
Where are the effects of Speed Cola, Double Tap,  and other perks implemented? I found Juggernog code in _zm.gsc and presumably Quick Revive is done in _laststand.gsc as it was in WaW. Also, I've taken a small break from the mod tools; have they implemented the ability to change stock scri...
1048 days ago
True, but it's possible that it could have functions that could be called to give Gobblegums to players or perform other GG related effects.
1065 days ago
The GG machine prefab has been added as of the last mod tools update and works, but zm_bgb.gsc and zm_bgb_machine.gsc are still empty. Is there any way for us to edit GGs/the GG machine as of right now?
1065 days ago


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