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June 24, 2013, 03:53:32 am
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We are no longer actively taking down links that has raw assets included unless we receive a take down notice from Activison.

This change was made about 2 months ago.
6 years ago
From now on please use the code tags when adding code to a post. That way the post won't look messy, and it is easier to read.
6 years ago
Of course you need to use APE, how else will the game convert the image properly.

Here is a guide on custom textures:
6 years ago
where should i add the TriggerEnable(false);?

Double Post Merge: November 22, 2016, 10:06:45 pm
thanks dust tho i still can't get god mode working
6 years ago
To make the trigger disappear after you use it, you need to do trigger delete(); or trigger TriggerEnable(false); (True will enable it again.

Also I am not too familar with changing dvars via script on BO3, but to use the cheat via console you need to do /god, so maybe you just need to ad...
6 years ago
now its says me "Not Available"

When it says "Not Available" on the trigger then that means that the KVPs doesnt match in the script and in radiant.

Make sure yo...
6 years ago


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