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I know this map is kind of old but its really cool!
1588 days ago
Im interested! I have been looking for some more people for awhile!

1588 days ago
Looks great trem cant wait! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
1848 days ago
Great map guys keep up the good work cant wait for requiem. <3 Here is a failed attempt at cabin going to try to beat it on insane eventually!
1848 days ago
It sounds like a good idea but its going to annoy the crap out of me.
1853 days ago
I just noticed this topic so I decided that I should probably introduce myself. My name is Will or greyhound. I like to play zombies and have been enjoying alot of the maps in the Ugx map manager. I also like to post gameplay on my youtube channel If you enjoy my content and if you want to subscribe I would greatly appreciate it as I want to hit 100 subs by the end of the month. Thanks guys!
1853 days ago
Sounds cool would you mind checking out my channel?
1853 days ago
Hey guys I uploaded a Video on UGX Comoseas recently. I was wondering if some of you zombie slayas could come check it out I would greatly appreicate it. I want to try to get 100 subs by the end of March. If any of you guys my content If you would subscribe. I am also trying to stay active with my subs and maybe if I can host a game we can play sometime.
1853 days ago
Yeah im not sure if it is yet i need to find my router password.
1855 days ago
I think thats what it is but its worked before...
1856 days ago
I try to play with some people to do some Collabs we both try but it always says game session no longer available when we try to join. We have 100+ ping that might be it but idk.
1856 days ago
Does any one know how to fix the "game session no longer availible" when hosting a map?
1857 days ago
Can a map get anymore badazzz
1863 days ago Whazzup all those sexy zombie killers check out this video if me failing trying to survive the zombieacockalypse.
1863 days ago


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