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These are fucking hot.  :rainbow:
1161 days ago
Please fix the co-op bug.
1264 days ago
I already feel like people are gonna shit on me for not being a pro mapper or whatever, but fuck y'all, I'mma post it anyway.

Welcome to 24h Labs.

24h Labs was a project I started to see how fast I could actually whip up a map and have it be playable. This map is not highly detailed in the least, but I think you will find that the features will make up for it.

Working Casino Slot Machine (Thanks To MrWafflezYT)
Baby Dog Rounds
INSANE Difficulty Modifier
All Custom Weapons! (Thanks to xSpider)
Soul Boxes (Thanks to MakeCents)
Custom Powerups (Thanks to NateSmithZombies)
Hitmarkers (Thanks to NateSmithZombies)
Easter Egg
Some other small secrets throughout the map that I won't spoil...

And a HUGE thank you to these guys.
(Dead Rabbit room by MrWafflez)

Also a very special thanks to the following people. They have assisted me throughout the entire process of it all.


I apologize if I have missed anyone!
1329 days ago
Quote from: Dr.
Playing Chaos Mode on UGX-Azrael when I suddenly got kicked to the lobby with this error:
Timer had run out, I was around Round 15, my multiplier was around 700 or so.
I got this too, except my timer didn't run out, at least, I don't think it did.
1422 days ago
Enough with the derailing please people. It's pretty obvious there is a language barrier issue here and the OP is upset at the negativity being directed at them. Be constructive with your replies please or just don't bother replying. I'm getting sick of repeating myself here so will just be issuing warnings if I see it continue.

Are you trying to say, "There are already too many Kino remakes. It's not worth your time to do it. Change your map if you value your time in any way.", isn't constructive criticism? Because there are and it is.
1451 days ago
Just curious. Not sure if this goes against any rules or whatever, but just figure I'd start up a conversation.

The worst trip I've ever had was on K2. Felt like I was in a desert, stranded. I saw one lonely cactus in the distance so I walked towards it to go get water. All I heard was laughter and it just kept getting further and further away. Soon enough I ended up in a sinkhole and then I regained somewhat an idea of where I was. So, I went to go walk home, stopped halfway, rubbed one out in the bushes next to a golf course, and walked the other half and slept. Next day I went to her house to ask what happened and they showed me a video they took of me just zoned out sitting in one spot not moving.

Anyone else got any experiences?
1460 days ago
that was shit
lmfao, I haven't followed the storyline ever since ops 2 came out, so I don't have an opinion on it. But that's what I keep hearing is that it's a terrible end.
1469 days ago
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1476 days ago
Why did you make dogs rounds extremely long. Why?  :poker:
1477 days ago
All I did was convert it to DDS. Change the hue, and then convert it back and put the iwi in my mods/images...


Solved: Midgetblaster told me how to fix it and I don't want to talk about it... I just had to use Asset Manager...
1488 days ago
Where do I download the maps to play locally?

EDIT: Figured it out.
1545 days ago
Quick Revive didn't work for me m8.

Also, noticed a few holes in the map, nothing big enough to fall through or even see if you're not looking for them, so don't worry about it.
1569 days ago


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