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This looks amazing, I really want to play this now. I can't wait.
2276 days ago
how did you made it so dogs can go through the window? o.O

In the traverse folder, look for wall_hop_zombie.
2280 days ago
Version 1.2 has been released in the manager, also I have released the download link now since I'm able to edit my posts.
2280 days ago
pretty cool, when will it be released?

Thank you, and sorry but forgot to put the download in the OP when I first posted it so I had to wait until I had 20 posts to edit it. It's been edited now with the download.
2280 days ago
OMG I must play this, a dome remake with snow, incredible.
2281 days ago
This map looks cool. Going to download it now.
2281 days ago
This map is amazing, going to download it now, if I don't already have it.
2281 days ago
This map is so amazing, great map, reminds me of Alcatraz which I love.
2281 days ago
This map is hard, but so much fun. Great map.
2281 days ago
I was expecting dynamic disco lights if I'm honest, is there any plans for those?
2282 days ago
This maps look alright from the pictures, I wouldn't mind playing it though, looks fun.
2282 days ago
Simply awesome.
2282 days ago
This looks amazing, don't postpone.
2282 days ago
Google Drive

OK, so I have gone ahead and created my own map manager, this doesn't have any requirements as of now so if this application has quite a few downloads, you will be able to submit your mod menu or custom map to the program and I will DL it and add the necessary files to the application, this will be be able to be downloaded by those who have the application.

Right now only my WIP map is in the application, and a few mod menus including the default (no mod menu) so you can replace the files back to default. The mod menus you DL will be stored on your computer so you don't need to re-download the mod to apply it every time, and for the maps, they already get install in your mods folder anyway, so I just load the list of downloaded maps in the program, along with maps downloaded externally from the application.

This application will find your directories automatically for you, and if you suspect they it chose the wrong directory, you can always specify it yourself within the program. Also after downloading the maps, the program will put the files in the right locations for you so you don't need to run the installers.

Each map and mod you are able to download will contain version numbers, so you can download newer versions when they are available. You will also see an image preview, description and creator's name when selecting the map or mod to download.

This program was originally created for myself only to help me install mod menus faster, then it was expanded to include maps due to my creative mind, then I thought some people may find this useful as much as me, so I wanted to release it to the UGX community.

I will show some previews to the program below.

* NOTE: This is not to replace UGX Map Manager *
2284 days ago
Simply Amazing. Nuff said.
2284 days ago


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