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ok thats awesome ... im in college so i have class until 3 ... and then track practice until around 6ish ... so i guess if you are free anytime past that then ill be on ... i really appreciate ya helping out !!!!!!!!!!
3472 days ago
okay i deleted it .... then launched it and tried launching it through my console ... then a script compile error shows up "could not find script'_maps/_zombiemode_powerups" .... and my skype name should be justin balczak
3472 days ago
wtf ... still crashing .... who knows what im doing wrong ... i guess ill just keep messing around with it !!!!
3472 days ago
okay so i just downloaded the crash version of ugx christmas .... so do i just move the mod.ff file from the crash folder to the original ugx christmas folder ??? .... sorry i just started playin custom maps a couple weeks ago
3472 days ago
ok thank you so much !!!!  :) ive been wanting to play this bad boy for a while now lol
3474 days ago
hi so ive downloaded the map manager and i have all the other maps up and working ... cabin, and bar, and forts i think ..... but whenever i launch the christmas mod ... my world at war crashes and shuts down ... does anybody now how to help ??
3474 days ago


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