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What kind of computers are you playing on? Good or bad ones?

Just curious, because I'm basically playing on a potato and besides some FPS issues the spikes do not crash the game.
1069 days ago
I just tried it and cannot replicate it.

Some questions:


MP installed or not (iwd files will be missing if not)?

Fully intact BO1 files or not (reverify game files in Steam if not sure)? SP and MP

Do you get the error when loading the map or before you even see the menu?

Are you using the latest version of game_mod as per the github releases page?

rumble/pistol_fire is a default game asset, it shouldn't be missing at all ...
1069 days ago
But regardless, it is not appreciated when you open and look through someone else's work.

I don't get this. If they didn't want their work looked at, they shouldn't post it online. Or do work somewhere where the released work doesn't include the "source code".

Using others' work without their permission and publishing mods including it is obviously not okay, but just *looking* at it, trying to understand it is not okay? How would anybody ever get anywhere if that was true? This is *exactly* how learning to mod works. Look at what somebody else does to get a general idea and then learn how to do it (and more) yourself.

Apart from the fact of course that the referenced mod uses code from files that weren't published in the BO1 mod tools but extracted from the fast files ... which is basically looking through someones elses work without permission.

Modding needs to be open, otherwise it won't get very far. Just look at the way the companies that made N64 emulators back then were closed source (and went under) - we *still* don't have decent N64 emulation, at least not in the way PS2 or Wii has.

And just look at how Activision never releasing radiant for BO1 has effectively made BO1 modding never get off the ground the way WaW did.
1069 days ago
I would assume standard survival, we just started a coop game normally without changing anything. Yup, it was the latest version (we downloaded it the day we played the map). I was player 1, he player 2, if that helps.
1586 days ago
So, weird issue. Whenever I went down just now as I was playing this with a friend, I lost all the ammo (even grenades) I had before I went down. Is this a bug?
1591 days ago
A bit late, but which ones? From this map pack: nazi_zombie_zct_mp1?

If yes, here they are:

I also have an unfinished version of it, or a newer version included in for example "420" or "rich":
1592 days ago


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