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Thank you so much for this, as now I am able to add multiplayer weapons to Create-a-class.
1279 days ago
You can either create a mod menu type thing when they join the MP lobby, or just make a set of "Classes" that hold information relating to the guns. Ergo, use GiveWeapon()
Nah you don't have to do that.
You can edit the statsTable, which controls what selections you can use on the create-a-class.,14046.0.html
1279 days ago
When I try to export an anim, I get this error. I am using Maya 2016 on windows 7 64 bit.
An unhandled error occurred during export:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:/Users/ARlO-DESKTOP/Documents/maya/2016/scripts\", line 2031, in GeneralWindow_ExportSelected
    exec("response = %s(\"%s\")" % (OBJECT_NAMES[windowID][4], filePath))
  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
  File "C:/Users/ARlO-DESKTOP/Documents/maya/2016/scripts\", line 1325, in ExportXAnim
  File "C:/Users/ARlO-DESKTOP/Documents/maya/2016/scripts\", line 2293, in RunExport2Bin"/","\\") + " \"" + file.replace("/","\\") + "\"")# , "\"" + file.replace("/","\\") + "\""])
  File "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2016\bin\\", line 522, in call
    return Popen(*popenargs, **kwargs).wait()
  File "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2016\bin\\", line 709, in __init__
    errread, errwrite)
  File "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2016\bin\\", line 957, in _execute_child
WindowsError: [Error 193] %1 is not a valid Win32 application

I think it may have to do with the python installation inside of maya. But idk.
1301 days ago
Me and my friend are trying to do custom zombies but can't join each other. We noticed we are on different patch numbers, I am on 1.7.1263 and he is on 2.0.44. If it's me who is not up to date, steam will not update the game for some reason. Any fix? thank you.
It's because your friend has T4M, most maps say you need it now.
1403 days ago
Awesome, but I would think that a good chunk of them are people who just wanted to be able to click on a link lol.
1439 days ago
how do i get the map theres no download button
It's under the WIP section for a reason lol.
I want this map aswell.
1443 days ago
I had many bugs in the v1.3 version of this. It was impossible for me to build the power, I couldn't pick up any pieces.  >:( >:( >:(
Ok, then how did 99% of the other people that played this map do it?  :P
Also, I did not make the script for the buildable power. ZOMB1E-KLLR did it:
So go complain to him lol
1444 days ago

Double Post Merge: July 22, 2016, 07:47:48 pm
lol on my first map (its on zombiemodding :)) all I got were a bunch of bots saying they found free steam gift cads
haha I know right! same stuff happened to me on there all the time. There once was a time when zombiemodding was not full of spam, I guess the moderators just don't care anymore. It's sad
1453 days ago
Gotta give this one a try, nice job on the release!
1465 days ago
Can you just send me the files you use for asset manager? I tried what you said and nothing is working.
I made a video that shows how to fix this about a year and a half ago
1472 days ago
Wow, mapping looks on point! Nice job. I will try this later
1480 days ago
Got to round 6, dog round, no dogs spawned and couldn't advance.
There are no dogs, make sure you do not have any other mods loaded before playing the map.
1483 days ago
Try reinstalling the map. Could be some files that are broken.
Nope. All he has to do is turn down his texture settings to normal/high. Its a bug with T4M going above a 1GB vram cap set by the engine
1483 days ago
I found a big bug  :alone:
If you try to use LanFixed/LanFixed2 to run two separate games on two seperate PCs running T4M plus lanfixed (Testing on one PC for this time, really does not make a difference), my game will crash upon launching the map.
Pretty much LanFixed + Co-op does not work.
1489 days ago
For something like this you would use a progress bar probably. Here are some of my helper functions that you may be able to take something from to work for what you want.

ProgressBars(timer, knuckle, deleteit){
/* timer = optional, int or float for time to finish progress bar
knuckle = optional, boolean to have knuckle crack during or not
deleteit = optional, delete this trigger when done, boolean, default deletes it

Requires: knuckle_crack() and #include maps\_hud_util;
Displays a progress bar while player is holding use button until time is up, notifies
stop_building when progress bar is done, used for knuckle crack timer

trig ProgressBars();
trig ProgressBars(timer);
trig ProgressBars(timer, knuckle);
trig ProgressBars(timer, knuckle, deleteit);
if(!IsDefined( self )) return false;
if(!isDefined(timer)) timer=3;
constTime = timer;
player = undefined;
self waittill("trigger", player);
if(!is_player_valid( player )) return false;
if(isDefined(knuckle) && knuckle){
player thread knuckle_crack();
while(player GetCurrentWeapon() != "zombie_knuckle_crack") wait(.1);
player.PBar = player CreatePrimaryProgressBar();
player.PBar.color = ( .5, 1, 1 );
player.PBar UpdateBar( 0.01, 1/constTime );
while(player UseButtonPressed() && distance(player.origin, self.origin)<100 && player isOnGround() && !player maps\_laststand::player_is_in_laststand() && timer>0){
timer = timer-.1;
player notify("stopped_building");
player.PBar destroyElem();
player.PBar = undefined;
if(!IsDefined( deleteit ) || deleteit) self delete();

knuckle_crack(){// self is player
/* no vars

Requires: AllowMoving(cond) and zombie_knuckle_crack
Cracks players knuckles, checks if has deathmachine before giving back last weapon

player thread knuckle_crack();

if(is_player_valid( self )) return;
self DisableOffhandWeapons();
self AllowMoving(false);
if( self GetStance() == "prone" ) self SetStance("crouch");
gun = self GetCurrentWeapon();
self GiveWeapon( "zombie_knuckle_crack" );
self SwitchToWeapon( "zombie_knuckle_crack" );
self waittill_any( "fake_death", "death", "player_downed", "stopped_building", "weapon_change_complete");
self EnableOffhandWeapons();
if(self GetCurrentWeapon()=="zombie_knuckle_crack" && IsSubStr( gun,"deathmachine" ) && (self !HasWeapon( "deathmachine" ) && self !HasWeapon( "deathmachine_upgraded" ))) self SwitchToWeapon( self GetWeaponsListPrimaries()[0] );
if(self GetCurrentWeapon()=="zombie_knuckle_crack" && is_player_valid(self)) self SwitchToWeapon( gun );
self TakeWeapon( "zombie_knuckle_crack" );
self AllowMoving(true);

AllowMoving(cond){//true to allow moving, false to not allow moving
/* cond = true or false, true will allow moving, false will prevent it

self AllowLean(cond);
self AllowAds(cond);
self AllowSprint(cond);
self AllowProne(cond);
self AllowMelee(cond);
Thanks man, I will use these and give you credit.
1491 days ago


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