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Thanks ive got it now  :)
2747 days ago
is there or where is the option to turn on the X,Y,Z indicators that can show up in the 3D screen
2748 days ago
Thanks, and the road needs a little work but you wont really know that it is one way street when you play the map in game.
2761 days ago
I have been working on Dead End (slender map) and I thought I might start with a new map and so I thought I would some sort of run down town centre where people go their to scavenge for food and weapons and that's where we come in  :) 

this is the start of the project and is the basic outline on what I will need to do next, so expect a lot of caulk texture.

2762 days ago
Teaser Trailer is now up
2851 days ago
yes their will be to certain people im goign have a full release when all bugs are fixed, oh the slenderman is going on pretty well about 10% done so far and i will be making a teaser video of the map
2856 days ago
k it wasent that i checked then lancher came up with this now what do i have to do cause i think that this is the main problem to not letting me load up my map

2862 days ago
how do you change the starting weapon cause my map crashes and stops its beacuse of a weapon that i have at the start can anybody tell me
2864 days ago
well yeah :P
2868 days ago
Well on that Bombshell here is an UPDATE :) of the flashlight and the slender pages added and now the slender is going to be added in and a hell of alot of scripting is going to get this to work

2869 days ago
i kinda thought that when i clicked post lol
2874 days ago
man i wish someone would release a map worth playing, WaW weapons in some of the maps released on ZM getting old.

This one has no weapons in it (just a flash light) and you cant blam people for having WAW weapons as they might be able to port or even script to let them off a bit

look's cool  :)
thanks alot
2875 days ago
here is the fishing hut inside and out (in-game)  :)

2877 days ago
I don't what we are doing but 're skinning the boss zombie sounds good and easy instead of making the animation the slender man walking and stuff
2883 days ago
thanks for that i really couldnt be bothered to find the topic
2885 days ago


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