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Hi, i've followed this guide -> BO3 | Adding Zombie Spawners, Risers, and Window Barriers (

but each time i try to compile my map, it says: 

ParseEpair: Error occurred in the following context:
{9999, 0, 0, 0}
"count" "9999"
"origin" "28.901 202.697 72"
"script_forcespawn" "1"
"script_noteworthy" "zombie_spawner"
"script_string" "find_flesh"
"targetname" "start_zone_spawners"
"_color" "1 0 0"
ERROR: ParseEpair: value '{9999, 0, 0, 0}
' contains a newline character (use of '\' at end of value?)

What can i do to fix that? i just want to make some no-riser-location zombie spawner (i mean, zombie that spawn out of nowhere instead rising from the ground)

Thanks for help!
319 days ago


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