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Messages - 1157tommy

I am thinking about making a 936 map if anyone wants to help, give ideas, or take it over for themsleves.
Background info: This group is made of the ascension group (Gersch and  Yuri Kravcheski) who is funded by the soviet people (for more info look on wiki) ;)

Double Post Merge: July 22, 2015, 04:42:43 am
and this has a ton of background info, which is one of the reasons im choosing it!
7 years ago
anybody remember the glitch on the original map lol used to play the shitput of that :D
7 years ago
This map is one of my favorites now due to its high class story, amazing wonder weapons, cool mods, and a nice looking map! Very well done.
7 years ago
i have built the mods and made the custom menu but it just appears as the regular waw menu. It tells me to build the mod by checking the ugx_mod and their are two 1. all the gun iwd files and 2. and the other is just the mod.csv, do i check both or just one of these ugx_mods? :-\
7 years ago
oh thanks found it :D
7 years ago
and can i stilll do this all because all my mods folders are in my root cod waw folder. I dont have an %appdata% folder.
7 years ago
thank you so much guys :D! i watched a youtube video and obviously that guy didnt know what he was talking about too much :derp:
7 years ago
I have done all the conversions and compiling for the ugx standalone map for the main menu but when i go to test the map, the main menu is just a really weird chinese language if anyone knows ow to fix this.
7 years ago
so i have been trying to make a ugx map, i have done all the compiling and stuff i had some trouble using the asset manager fixed it, but every time i try to test the map by opening it there is no special ugx main menu and its just the regular waw main menu with with some weird Asian language.
If anyone has a solution pls help:)
7 years ago
make sure nothing in the world at war file is read only.
7 years ago
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