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I dont know if someone has asked this already but did the true Akimbo weapons not work out? (Left click shoots left gun, right click shoots right gun)
1791 days ago
Merry Christmas to everyone at ugx.
2095 days ago
My gameplay goes 15/20 fraps with the smoke, even if I play on solo and reduce all the game parameters :(

I have a laptop  Asus A55V Core i7 3rd Gen 2.4ghz 6MB RAM Intel Graphics 4000  (Plus, Nvidia 610m 2gb)
Enable your 610 through nvidia control panel and run waw as high priority in task manager And do not turn of spec map or else it will cause the map to crash.
2110 days ago
So I was browsing through SSD's and well......this
2110 days ago
well its come to my attention that this map works on all laptops and about half desktops. its 8 for 10 for it working. The file I submitted did run a 3-player co-op test fine. but for some people it crashes. theres a strong possibility this map will be disqualified but Ill try to still get it out there for you guys

this sucks..
.......Since when did something work better on a laptop?? Map looks great btw.
2112 days ago
Try reentering the commands for the zombies to go after the player.
2115 days ago
Idk I meant the models idk why I said prefabs thx
2119 days ago
I have a couple of models in maya that are not guns ie. chairs tables tvs etc how to i get them into waw as prefabs etc.
2119 days ago
If you do it all in one go, your access and donor status will be automatic. If you do it multiple donations at a time then I have to handle the process manually and you won't get anything automatically.
Well I was just speculating because I have like 6 visa gift cards with a couple bucks on them lol

Double Post Merge: November 16, 2014, 01:51:31 am
So what your saying is that, Yes I could pay the amount within like 3 payments and get donor lol?
2134 days ago
For making that 4$ donation for donor access does it have to be all in one go or can it be multiple donations lol?
2134 days ago
Nope =( only can use one card at a time and cant add funds :'(
2134 days ago
I don't think PayPal accepts disposable cards anymore but I'm not 100% sure.
Hmm its accepting them when I add them to my account so I guess it works. Gonna try donating
2134 days ago
Sees release of Requiem.....realizes not a donor yet....scrambles through old online giftcards.

I have all of these disposable visa cards with leftover money on them is there a way i could put all the left over money into one account and donate to ugx?
2134 days ago
It has already been confirmed as fake. Sorry. Shame though... it actually sounded very cool.
Yeah If it was true it would create some controversy but it does sound cool tho.

Double Post Merge: September 29, 2014, 09:15:28 pm
Wow, if it was done correctly that might have actually made me want to buy the game. What a shame.
I second this.
2181 days ago


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