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Good job on the map design, could have spent some time putting in some fancy weapons with custom PaP's or maybe a small easter egg... this would give us a little more to do than just survive.
1644 days ago
Zombies tend to walk down the stairs while they are INSIDE THE STAIRS i got downed by a zombie that was through the stairs but i couldnt see.

I like the map though, very challenging and fun.
1655 days ago
I played for 10 hours yesterday trying to get the Baby Gun from box and then gave up and decided to use the Give all console command in devmap mode to try it out xD
 that gun is hilarious
1725 days ago
Nice, i like the tranzit packapunch location instead of the actual town one in the lava
1743 days ago
I noticed that with zombie shield its a 1-hit on juggernauts, is it supposed to be like that? seems too easy compared to everything else in the map :P
1746 days ago
When can we expect a new update? and that gun looks cool :P
1747 days ago

Sometimes when you dolphin dive it glitches your gun and it dissappears or you can only see the tip of the gun in the bottom left
1753 days ago
Man i wanna play this, but i have to wait until the mediafire link is put up

the mega link just gets stuck at 99% :(
1753 days ago


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