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I believe I saw you playing this on twitch and the group you had where dolphin diving from some stairs and I thought "where is this map I wanna try  :lol: "
1784 days ago
Just completed the main quest solo and even got the Retriever to boot - one question though, how do I get the Redeemer? I had a message come up about resurrection but didn't get the opportunity to claim my reward :(

Once that message comes up, you have to go to the grave site (where the keys could be located and throw your tomahawk around the graves and a message will appear saying "Redemption Has Been Found"
1790 days ago
i am sure i have seen this map before

I think I saw a youtube video play through of it aswell..
1841 days ago
Gonna download and see if I can get a good video together of the gameplay.. Thanks for the map
1841 days ago
thanks guys, i'm glad you love my map...
have fun  ;)

Thanks for the map fam.. Feels just like Nuketown with that buried twist.. I love it
1841 days ago
2 MAN EE. Sweet!

will have to revisit this awesome map

2nd that right there.. Thanks for the update..
1841 days ago
Welcome to the site Fam.. May your stay be peaceful
1842 days ago
I usually don't like maps unless they have a Easter Egg of some sort but this is actually fun to replay imo..
1842 days ago
Map is a pain solo.. I tried recording a video but couldn't get a decent play through lol.. Must try harder  :lol:
1842 days ago
You could always co-op easter egg but i know what you mean :) i streamed v1.2 exactly half month ago when testing and discussing the new stuff and what to implement, its on twitch but you can still see it if you know where to look lol

I tried a co-op with a friend but it seemed impossible lol.. Guess it's because we didn't know all the steps
1842 days ago
Map looks interesting enough.. Hopefully I can get a good play through and video to upload
1842 days ago
Just wondering, has anything been fixed and a update released?
1843 days ago
I don't know what it is about this map but I can't stop laughing when I play.. :lol:
1843 days ago
So ready for the co-op easter egg and update.. Words can't lol
1843 days ago
Don't reply much but figured I start and say thanks for the map.. It'll give me something to do besides nothing lol
1843 days ago


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