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when i open asset manager i get this error:
error height=1024

it was working fine before idk why did this happen i didnt do anything to the files
so any fix please?
16 days ago
make sure to credit :
DTZxPorter-->WraithArchon & BassDrop
xSanchez78-->t7-5 conversion rig
Khel Mho-->AO and ENV textures tutorial
Salamanca21-->porting the gun:)

If You Used This In Your Map Please Credit Me.

18 days ago
copy the weapons folder and the images folder and place them in you mod by going to mods\YOURMAPNAME\
just paste them there the open the mod.csv in you map folder and copy the 2 lines in the mod csv in the winrar and paste them in ur mod.csv
thats it
20 days ago
make sure to credit :
DTZxPorter-->WraithArchon & BassDrop
xSanchez78-->t7-5 conversion rig
Khel Mho-->AO and ENV textures tutorial
Salamanca21-->porting the gun:)


if you use this weapon in your map, please credit me.
21 days ago
ok i used cz75dw_upgraded_zm and cz75lh_upgraded_zm  everything is working for the right hand but the left hand has no muzzleflashes and the shells ejects from the middle and the mag isnt getting out in the reload anim and the bolt isnt moving in the first raise anim it was moving in maya am sure i also redone the anim to be sure and also there is no sounds so any fix?
here is a video shows you the problems:
please help.
23 days ago
Yes this is totally possible. Your lights need to be real lights. Not just adding a light to your map (if you just add a light and leave it you notice that no shadows are added when rendered). This can be done by setting the light to PRIMARY_OMNI or PRIMARY_SPOT and setting it up with an info_null (right click menu) and selecting the light first then the info_null and hitting w. Then while just selectiing the light hit n and do this for the kvps:


Script float is what it will change to once the power is activated and intensity is what it will be before.
Be sure to set up the light properly with PRIMARY_OMNI or PRIMARY_SPOT and the info_null and don't make the fov_outer bigger than 120 or else it won't render it right and keep the fov_inner lower or the same as the fov_outer.
Also as a side note lighting may be weird before you put in your script_brushes (if using those for your doors) not really an official thing but i noticed that when messing around with lighting.
 i tried that it didnt work

29 days ago
you can find zombies' sounds (moans) in raw\sound\vox\zmb\standard
in there you will find attack,death,sprint,etc am not sure but i think if you replace them with your sounds it will work am not sure i didn't try it
and also you have to convert your sounds with BassDrop so they work in game
29 days ago
so i am adding zombie now but i have a problem when i put risers outside my map to break through a barrier they just stand still idk why but when i put them in my map they work fine they attack players and move but the problem is when they are outside the map they dont break through the barrier
radiant pic:
radiant height=1024

in game pic:

 any fix?
note:if you want to open the pics you have to open them in new tap.

31 days ago
Looks good!
i think you just have to add mw1,2,3 weapons because i dont think bo3 or iw weapons will fit the map
32 days ago
Looks good will try it out! :)
33 days ago
Here is an example i made for you, hope it helps:

 Thanks mate! that helped me a lot i got the reload sounds working yesterday but i had a problem with the fire sound and this fixed it!
thanks really appreciate it :)
33 days ago
you are using the wrong soundaliases, the real ones are in "soundaliases/zones" look at the "zmb_common.all.csv" there are all the bo1 weapons soudaliases.
 so i just copy a line from there and rename it to whatever i want?
and yeah what do i type in my zone_source(mod.csv) do i type sound,zmb_common.all,,all_sp or sound,zmb_common.all ?

tried editing the zmb_common.all.csv it didnt work it didnt give me any errors in the luncher but in game the sounds dont work when i change the name of the notetrack the sound doesnt work anymore and i also tried using an official sound from the game and a custom sound i made both didnt work i also put this in my mod.csv "sound,zmb_common" but it didnt work so am i doing something wrong or i have missing files?
36 days ago
that would be so usefull.
36 days ago
Hello the beautiful community of UGX!

I have some big trouble loading Radiant. I wanted to create a blank map but when I load Radiant, it's asking me to open a file which makes me thinking.

Thank you for helping me out and maybe I will post my first map ever!
 open the file named "codwaw.prj" and it should work
its located in call of duty world at war\bin
37 days ago
i have been trying to add sounds to my weapon for a long time but its not working
i made a custom soundalias.csv named it "ndu_1911" here it is:


the luncher doesnt give me any error its just the sounds dont play in game
any fix pleas?
37 days ago


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