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If they recreate Kino in the way they did The Giant, I'm gonna be so moist
1807 days ago
Tell me?
It's hard to explain, I have a video made up on it but basically it's on top of one of the building by PhD next to the little rectangular grass area
1849 days ago
*hint hint* grenades  ;)

Where did you find the last panel? cant find it at all...
Same here that one's hard to find

Double Post Merge: July 13, 2016, 07:46:16 pm
Same here that one's hard to find
Never mind, found it, damn that's a good spot xD
1849 days ago
After playing this map and beating it, I can finally say that this map was amazing. Besides how easy it was with the open space, certain things make this map really satisfying. Getting the hacking device early on and turning that 10k point door into 200 points made me chuckle  :troll: along with all the other overpriced doors.
1907 days ago
i couldnt find jug for the life of me on my first run lol, oh well maybe next run. Amazing attention to detail on this map btw
1908 days ago
The Hype is EXTREMELY real. Can't wait to see what the community comes out with for Black Ops 3. With the things people have done on a game as old as World At War such as Project Viking, Leviathan, Oil Rig, ( Box Maps  :gusta: ), the possibilities for such a new game like Black Ops 3 are infinite.
2103 days ago
I loved the fun factor of cryogenic. I know il love this map. Downloading now :)
2105 days ago
Completely on board with these rules and the zero tolerance policy. Save the Drama for High School guys...
2106 days ago
Hopefully they bring back the PPSH. The ultimate bae  :alone:
2113 days ago
Hopefully you do it right so i can 420 blaze it with the intervention on nuketown :3 ( Looks great so far man XD )
2142 days ago
I cant 420 Blaze it with the intervention because it crashes the game when i pap it. Really wanted to trickshot off the stage :(  ( great map dude, addicting XD )
2142 days ago
Green Run, definitely Green Run
you may have a point....
2212 days ago
1 pic looks like you got some cool models in there dude, can't wait for more updates :)
2226 days ago
Yes! I am a big fan of Dying Light and it'd be nice to play in the tower as a custom map!
2227 days ago


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