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Great map 9/10
483 days ago
Thank you looks nice! ;)
691 days ago
Hey what happened to the download? Not working... :'(
691 days ago
Thanks for the weapons friend! Also Merry X-Mas!
696 days ago
Good job m8ty.   8)
820 days ago
Hey guys! I need a bit of help. I'm trying to add my second zone, I added it as an adjacent zone and activated it and all, checked the scripts in radiant and checked the scripts in my GSC and everything checks out. If anybody could provide insight as to what I'm doing wrong, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  Hey man can you show us a copy of your gsc?  ???   
826 days ago
Very very odd, you don't have a cracked waw right?
833 days ago
I get a bad syntax error when I try to play. I put the script in my mapname.gsc file right?

Double Post Merge: August 07, 2017, 11:59:16 am
I don't know if you still reply to these comments but when I followed every step I go ingame and it just shows a hand and I can't buy the gobblegums.
834 days ago
The game only costs 20 you know. ;)
834 days ago
Any way I could add music when a player opens a debris/door? I would love some help because I am about to release my map in a week. :/
835 days ago
It's okay. I raged a few times do to missing a jump and falling to my death. :D
840 days ago
Maybe test it yourself? Maybe your friend has that error? Or did he test it on your computer? That's really weird as that never happens very often. It may be that your map is broken. Does the point system work on your other maps? Am I correct?
edit:I forgot that you said he tested it on coop. Yea your map has to be broken, I think some files are corrupt.
840 days ago


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