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Hey there was just wondering if there was a way you could show me how you edit mods I have the bo1 mod tools beta but it's not very straight forward  
 Its actually quite simple. You see mods mainly use 2 types of files ff files or iwd files. ff files are a special type of file that encrypts some of its data however scripts in it can be extracted (usiing ff extractors) succesfully but cannot be reinserted. Other data in ff files cannot be extracted (atleast not to my knowledge; I am quite new at this).  the scripts are the "intructions" so to speak of the mod. This means u can change how the mod behaves. Iwd files are a bit different from ff files but are very similar in function. They are normal zip files meaning u can open them in 7-zip and see ALL the data inside. Inside u can find scripts, audio files, textures, etc. Other than providing data other than scripts they are important because of the fact they take priority over ff files. You see when the game runs a mod it first loads the files in the ff file then load the iwd files OVERWRITING any new data with the same name. So if the ff and iwd files have some scripts with the same name the end result is that the script from the iwd file is going to be used. Knowing this means that if u edit a script that u found only in the ff file u can put the new one in the iwd file succesfully (rememeber ff files cannont be modified, but iwds are normal zips and can therfore be  editted as much as you want). Additionally if u edit a script found in the iwd file (or made anew one) u can just add it/overwrite the old one  in the iwd file. I know this was kind of long, but i tried to make as simple as i possible. In case u have any questions feel free to ask, but please note i am not great at creating scripts but i can (kind of) understand them and therefore edit them so please do not expect me to help you too much in that regard. 
95 days ago
Been toying around with the mod and really enjoying it though it would be nice if there were toggles for some of the features from the later games like the gimmick zombies and bosses also I also wonder why the upgraded thompson doesn't get a magazine upgrade over the 50 rounds it gets from the start also is there anyway to enable console cheat commands in game since even with bound keys the mod is preventing me from using them even in offline solo games
 toggles i dont think i can do. increased mag size for thomspon i think is possible. As for the cheats, im not sure as i havent really given them much thought/care.
109 days ago
pretty much any shotgun is easy to kill him. even the wall ones
its not that its difficult to him. its just that i dislike having a weapon just to kill him. I liked this mod cuz mostly it let me have much more options and having to dedicate one weapon for one boss is a bit annoying so i opted to make him vulnerable to more weapons.

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 its not that its difficult to him. its just that i dislike having a weapon just to kill him. I liked this mod cuz mostly it let me have much more options and having to dedicate one weapon for one boss is a bit annoying so i opted to make him vulnerable to more weapons.
 *not that its difficult to kill him
113 days ago
Man creator, ive never made a commentary complaining in a custom map or actually anything, but the exo boss, or king, IS FUCKING OVERPOWER, and renaissance would be a perfect mod if u balance him or take him away, i love the a super heavy type zombie, but men, this zombie in my opinion is literally unfair because is so hard to kill him that you need specific weapons to kill him like ray gun MK2, this two overpower shotguns, and i dont remember what are ones                                           the other , you need to balance him or take him away of the mod, an balance idea i could give you is thatones you can lower the zombie health problaby even more week than normal zombies if you want and the zombie can keep all the others super powers and even still make that the wonder weapons doesnt have a effect on him. So please i beg of you to take this suggestion i really enjoy this mod, even this mod makes the ray gun great gun and is my favorite zombies mod so please can you nerf the exo boss/the king or take him away please :(
Excuse me, is there a way to remove the bosses/advanced-enemies from the mod. I love all the things that are added, but i would much rather have the  enemies stay vanila.
Please help
Turns out the mod can be altered if you know how. for example, I can change somethings in the game such how strong the exoboss is (Make him vulnerable to all wonderweapons,.. etc). As for the appearance of bosses in general, i can decrease their spawn rate, but im not sure if i can completely remove them. I personally wanted to decrease the hell hounds sapalsh damage and alter the exoboss, which i did, so i can share my version of the mod as a proof of concept if anybody is interested. Later on if i get a list of wanted changes i may work on it if enough people want it. of course, this is all with hope that the creator has no porblems with this.
114 days ago


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