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crashes my waw
1648 days ago
any news for this map?? are you still working on this map?? it looks amazing
1669 days ago
can someone upload the map on mediafire or mega?? the ugx-map manager wont work for me:(
1674 days ago
wow this map looks so good :D
1679 days ago
This map is amazing!! Nice design, nice guns and dem custom perks tho!!
1680 days ago
this map is amazing!!!
1681 days ago
cant wait for the release!!!!
1833 days ago
do u still work on this map?? it looks sick
1833 days ago
i played this map once because i have no time atm to play. i only made it to round 6 xD. i must say this map is amazing!! Thanks for ur hard work on this map
1834 days ago
this map looks sick. i cant wait for the release!
1837 days ago
Its randomized every game

how can i find out wich buttons are the right??? is it just luck?
1885 days ago
The button code, then you get ray gun mk 2 and the satchel room opens

can you tell me the button combination?
1885 days ago
Realy nice map but how can i open the room with the satchel charge in it???
1886 days ago
The mediafire link is slow:( can you upload the map to another site??
1888 days ago
This map is amazing:) good job
1890 days ago


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