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This is the best zombies map I ever played, congratulations and I hope you upload more like this :)
244 days ago
I'm so mad rn I'm just gonna post this.

This map is utter trash. I made it to the last step, shooting at the mines but couldn't do it in lots of attemps becouse of rng and died on round 55 becouse of fucking crawlers and me playing tired of trying such bullshit. Not only the dogs make a lot of fking noise so you can't hear the mines that you have to shoot but also when I left 24 crawlers so no dogs could spawn and lowererd the voice volume to 0 I couldn't fucking reach all the mines becouse they were so far appart and made me go back and forth all the time, didn't even got a possible order once. I tried this last step since fking round 36.
This map is shit. Perish is a billion times better, way more rewarding and doesn't rely on rgn bullshit on the last fucking step. I haven't payed for this map but I want my money back.
245 days ago


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